Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Blackstone Sonoma Reserve Pinot Noir

Very nice upscale Pinot Noir from Blackstone. Light, hint of plums. Not much nose but a nice finish. Very easy to drink. The notes have it pretty much right on.
The Blackstone Sonoma Reserve Pinot Noir 2005 has lovely aromas of dried cherries,
dark plum, cranberry and cedar. A luscious, fleshy mouthfeel of layered dark fruit
leads to a silky finish. This Pinot Noir is a fantastic complement to pork chops,
lamb and pasta with a rich marinara sauce.

Will buy again,
Will give as a gift

Harris Teeter for about $19.
Maybe not my first choice in this price range, that would be McMurray, but a nice choce for the wine rack and would serve well at a restaurant.