Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Fetzer Valley Oaks Pinot Noir 2006

The folks at Food Lion were cleaning out their shelves and putting the discards in shopping carts. Picked this up for $5.99. Nice fruit. Soft with some late tannins. Blackberry, ripe cherry, and a hint of citrus. Not much finish, it doesn't linger for but for 6 bucks so what.

Taste With the Winemaker
Pinot Noir is often described as an elegant wine, and it is
made today with many different flavor profiles. This Valley
Oaks Pinot Noir has easy drinking flavors of rich, ripe raspberries,
strawberries and just a touch of oak with firm tannins so the
fruit isn’t overpowered. Aromas of pomegranate introduce a
surprisingly smooth and welcome collection of flavors. Whether
your journey of discovery with Pinot Noir is well advanced or
just beginning, I know you’ll find this wine to be a comforting
addition to your personal wine list, meant to enjoy often.
My thoughts:
  • Would buy again
  • Wouldn't give as a gift
The Woodbridge and Smoking Loon will remain the standards but if I see this deal again I will jump on it.